How to keep your diet after recovering from covid-19

In India, the infection of covid-19 is increasing very fast, millions of people are getting infected with this disease every day, but millions of people are also getting cured from this disease.
According to experts, what should be your diet when you recovered from Covid-19

Lets know “How to keep your diet after recovering from covid-19” in india

Improve daily water consumption habbits

We know that water is very important for our life, after being covid we have to use hot lukewarm water to drink.
After brushing and waking up in the morning, we should drink at least one glass of water and we have to drink lukewarm water every hour of the day because there should be no shortage of water in the body.
After drinking water in the morning, drinking decoction of Giloy and Cinnamon helps in increasing the resistance capacity in your body.

Morning Breakfast –

Breakfast should be fiber rich such as oatmeal, idli, poha etc.
Drinking soup one hour before lunch is beneficial for our body, which not only gives strength, but also makes us hungry before eating.

Add more salad in your daily diet

Lunch should be eaten with salad such as cucumber, onion, carrot, beet and lemon
Including bread, lentils, rice and any green vegetable in the food is beneficial for health
Taking fruits like apple, pear, any seasonal fruit in the evening is good for health

Have a light dinner

Dinner must be very light and protein rich; at dinner, roti,dal,sabzi, or mung khichdi should be eaten. Please try to have your dinner before 7pm and make a gap of 16 hours to your next meal. It means if you have taken your dinner at 7pm then your next meal should be around 11am (next day)

Drink turmeric milk – The best antibiotic

Turmeric has been used as an Ayurvedic medicine in India since ancient times, in case of any injury, turmeric milk was fed.
Turmeric milk has anti-disease ability, so it should be smoked with turmeric milk before sleeping at night.

What we should not eat when Covid-19 is recovered

Cold food items and liquids –

Before or after getting cold, we should avoid eating or drinking cold things, there is a fear of getting infected by eating or drinking cold things, so it is advisable to avoid all these things.

Spicy Fried Vegetables –

Spicy and very fried vegetables or any other things should not be eaten, it is harmful.

Sweets and sugar Use jaggery instead

According to the survey conducted on the up to date covid patients, the sugar level in the body increases after being kovid, so sweets or sugar-based items should not be avoided. There is a risk of sugar increase. is

Avoid white salt and pickle-

Doctors are telling the risk of increasing blood pressure when it is covid, so it is not good to use salt or things made from it, such as pickles or khatai, these days will be good for health.

This was all you need to follow and keep your body and mind fit forever. One thing you should add to your lifestyle is,Yoga. This will help you to improve your body’s health as we as your mind would also be more relaxed.

Thank You!

How to keep your diet after recovering from covid-19