Are air purifiers a waste of money in India: How air purifiers works?

Should You Buy Air Purifier?

What do you think ? Are air purifiers a waste of money in India! lets know the depth of it, before buying it.

Nowadays the life of the people is getting very busy, especially the urban life is much more complicated than the village, people living in the city do not have time, to pay attention to their health.

Are air purifiers a waste of money in India: How air purifiers works?
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The level of air pollution in the city is also increasing day by day, due to this pollution, a lot of diseases enter the body of the people, especially the respiratory diseases affect the people more.

Many countries are worried to reduce pollution and all the countries together are taking many steps for environmental protection, which is the permanent treatment but it is not so easy to cure it. Whether the city or the village is not planting trees to keep the environment right, the tree is being cut.

Trains of petrol and diesel also increase pollution, which is increasing day by day.Living in the outdoor environment is safer than inside the house. In the outside, small particles fly in strong winds, they do not enter our body through breath but in the indoor they go through the breath and into our lungs. Sticks, which later give rise to diseases like asthma.


So the above discussion shows that the air around us is been polluted and we need to save our respiratory system from this polluted air. So it’s the demand of the current situation to have an air purifier in our home and offices to cure our respiratory system as we as our lungs,but the choice is yours.

How air purifiers works?

Nowadays the level of pollution in the air on the earth is increasing and its index in the atmosphere is different everywhere, much less than anywhere else. The pollution level in our country is very high, which is very important to control.

Due to pollution, many people are having problems with respiratory diseases such as asthma, sinusitis and other allergic problems and which are increasing day by day.

Are air purifiers a waste of money in India: How air purifiers works?
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Today, we feel that there is pollution in the air outside the house, whereas inside the house or even inside the office where we spend the most time, there is also pollution which is not visible to us all.

Inside the house, small particles are found in the air, which reach the lungs inside the body through our breath, due to which people get asthma and many allergical diseases. Such as lung cancer, asthama etc.

According to the survey of many experts, 50% of the people of the world suffer from some form of respiratory disease, and it will grow very fast in the coming time.

According to a research, pollution inside the house is about 10 times more dangerous than outside.

Air Purifier is a device that purifies the air by eliminating contaminants, bacteria, deodorant present in small particles of air inside the house or office.

Air Purifier Works on These 3 Filters

#PRE-Filter- Its function is that it stops the large particles present in the air. It is the first filtration system, usually it is washable and air crosses due to it being ductile.

#Hepa Filter- It also filters the bacteria, viruses, pesticides, pollen and dust particles present in the air due to the very thin layer of fiber.

Hepa Filter attracts contaminants and dust further. A small particle of dust is measured in 0.3 microns, which it filters out.

#Activated Carbon Filter – This filter consists of corbon bids which filter toxic gases by eliminating odor, deodorant.

Apart from this, the speed of fan of air purifire can also be reduced or increased.

#Are air purifiers a waste of money in India: How air purifiers works?